Works of Fiction That I've posted on Reddit's NoSleep Board.

"Not All Psychics Are Frauds"
In this chilling true-to-life crime story, a young woman's trip to a terrible discount psychic becomes the prelude to the discovery of an even more terrible secret.

"Power Corrupts"
In this horrifying story of Washingtonian corruption, a young Congressional intern discovers the soul crushing secret of how far politicians will go to ensure victory.

"The Thing That Stalks Eldred, Ohio"
In this tragic tale of childhood foolhardiness, a rite of passage among small-town children turns more hideously real than any of them would have imagined.

"Father Smith's Taped Confession"
In this eerie supernatural short tale, a man uses a confessional to recall a childhood tragedy and the malign force that may have influenced it.

"Something Went Horribly Wrong With My Wife's Pregnancy"
In this sequel to "The Patient That Nearly Drove Me Out of Medicine," the same young doctor comes to a terrible realization about just how far his previous case impacted him, and just how much it may impact him going forward.

"Somebody Is Stalking Me Through iTunes"
In this unnerving tale of obsession, a young woman's chance revelation of her favorite singer sparks a nightmarish gauntlet of invasive behavior.

"I Had to Psychologically Evaluate a Serial Killer; I Don't Know What to Report"
In this tragic tale of psychological terror, one doctor's continuing encounters with a suspected serial killer's multiple personalities reveal a more shocking culprit, and place the doctor in a worse situation than he could ever have imagined.

"I Used to Get Letters From My Nightmares"
In this semi-prequel to "The Patient that Nearly Drove Me out of Medicine," a wealthy young girl receives a dream journal to deal with her recurring nightmares, only to find that the dream journal not only writes back, but gives her clues to a terrifying past tragedy.

"The Red Car"
In this short tale of fairground-spawned horror, a father experiences something hideously wrong after his daughter decides to go on a mysterious new ride.

"The Horror at Yale"
In this tribute to the work and style of H.P. Lovecraft, a decadent, alienated freshman at Yale University discovers the horrifying cost of joining an eccentric student organization.

"A Mad Man's Love Story"
In this bleakly funny horror/satire short story, a lunatic trapped in an insane asylum tells the tale of how his love for a cartoon character destroyed his humanity.

"The Patient That Nearly Drove Me Out of Medicine"
In this unnerving psychological horror tale, an ambitious young doctor attempts to treat a mystery patient on the psych ward whose condition has bedeviled all previous comers, only to discover that the secrets surrounding this patient's care could cost him his sanity.  Winner of NoSleep's "Best Original Monster of 2015" award.

"Are Any of You Parents? If So, Please Help"
In this creepy supernatural short story, a small child's parents, desperate for help, send out a story of how their son is tormented by an "imaginary bully" who may just also be an unpleasant reminder of mommy's chequered past.