Works of Fiction That I've posted on Reddit's NoSleep Board.

"Not All Psychics Are Frauds"
In this chilling true-to-life crime story, a young woman's trip to a terrible discount psychic becomes the prelude to the discovery of an even more terrible secret.

"Power Corrupts"
In this horrifying story of Washingtonian corruption, a young Congressional intern discovers the soul crushing secret of how far politicians will go to ensure victory.

"The Thing That Stalks Eldred, Ohio"
In this tragic tale of childhood foolhardiness, a rite of passage among small-town children turns more hideously real than any of them would have imagined.

"Father Smith's Taped Confession"
In this eerie supernatural short tale, a man uses a confessional to recall a childhood tragedy and the malign force that may have influenced it.

"Somebody Is Stalking Me Through iTunes"
In this unnerving tale of obsession, a young woman's chance revelation of her favorite singer sparks a nightmarish gauntlet of invasive behavior.

"I Had to Psychologically Evaluate a Serial Killer; I Don't Know What to Report"
In this tragic tale of psychological terror, one doctor's continuing encounters with a suspected serial killer's multiple personalities reveal a more shocking culprit, and place the doctor in a worse situation than he could ever have imagined.

"I Used to Get Letters From My Nightmares"
In this semi-prequel to "The Patient that Nearly Drove Me out of Medicine," a wealthy young girl receives a dream journal to deal with her recurring nightmares, only to find that the dream journal not only writes back, but gives her clues to a terrifying past tragedy.

"The Red Car"
In this short tale of fairground-spawned horror, a father experiences something hideously wrong after his daughter decides to go on a mysterious new ride.

"A Mad Man's Love Story"
In this bleakly funny horror/satire short story, a lunatic trapped in an insane asylum tells the tale of how his love for a cartoon character destroyed his humanity.

"Are Any of You Parents? If So, Please Help"
In this creepy supernatural short story, a small child's parents, desperate for help, send out a story of how their son is tormented by an "imaginary bully" who may just also be an unpleasant reminder of mommy's chequered past.